Camilla Cook

Whilst working at Aye!, we were approached by Camilla Cook, a successful make up and hair artist. Camilla needed to update her visual identity as competition was rapidly increasing and she needed a identity to position here away from competitors. We redesigned her identity and applied it to various print, and a freshly designed website. She's already seen an increase in business through her website in less than 3 months.

Logo Before
Camilla Cook Business Cards

Reflecting Beauty

Camilla makes people look beautiful, she makes them feel great on that important and precious day of their lives.

The logo was inspired by the flick of a eyelash or the flick of some hair – reflecting the precision and laser-like quality of Camilla's work. She now has the tools that make her stands out from the crowd, but also attract the clients that she wants to work with.

Old Website
Old Website